Longest Drill Bit Inserted Into Mouth While Standing On Machete Swords

Longest Time Balancing Loveseat On Chin

Man Swallows Swords And Twi

Fastest Time To Complete A Game Of Labyrinth!

Fastest Keepie uppie

Fastest Time For A Two Year Old To Sing The Alphabet Song

Rubix Cube

Highest Side Flip

World's Largest Tattooing Circle!

Fastest Time To Open A Beer Bottle Using Feet

Most Consecutive Bites Taken Out Of An Apple While Juggling A Flaming Torch, A Bowling Ball, And An

Man Snaps Rat Traps On His Tongue!

Highest Standing Backflip

Longest Time Playing Ukulele And Hula Hooping While Standing On One Foot On A Slackline

Most Pencils Broken With Forehead In One Minute!

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